Released in 2016, Piezography Pro is a unique K6 ink system that makes the highest-quality fine-art monochrome prints in the world. With the industry’s best dMax, highest resolving fidelity, visually balanced toning options, and most uniform gloss, Piezography Pro has it all. The ink is micro-encapsulated and gloss compatible. The carbon particles in Piezography ink reflect and diffract light in very unique ways. Prints made with Piezography ink have a special tonal “depth” that is hard to explain verbally but when people see a print, they get it. Piezography ink also makes possible the finest digital negative process in the world: PiezoDN. Piezography is printed with the legendary QuadtoneRIP software by Roy Harrington..


Piezography Pro utilizes two inksets: warm and cool. These finely balanced ink hues make neutral when combined together at certain percentages enabling very creative control of the warm, neutral, and cool axis. Up to one million unique toning combinations can be achieved all from a single printer.

Power-Pump-Mechanic-NeutralNeutral Power-Pump-Mechanic-WarmWarm Power-Pump-Mechanic-CoolCool
Power-Pump-Mechanic-Neutral-Shadows-Warm-HighlightsNeutral Shadows Warm Highlights Power-Pump-Mechanic-Warm-NeutralWarm Neutral Power-Pump-Mechanic-Warm-Neutral-Shadows-Cool-Neutral-HighlightsWarm Neutral Shadows
Cool Neutral Highlights


Piezography Pro has a newly invented micro co-polymer Gloss “chroma” Optimizer that surounds each carbon/pigment particle in the ink and is also extended within a final “clear” ink channel. Piezography Pro encapsulates the entire gloss print under a protective layer from edge to edge all at the same time as the inking: no need to do a second print pass with the optimizer.

SUPER DARK DMAX* (Blackness of Black)

When dMax is measured, it is generally communicated in terms of “Density”. When measuring matte blacks this is fairly straightforward. On Hahnemule Photo Rag paper, the new Piezography Pro Ultra HD matte black ink produces a density of 1.84 which is significantly darker than the Epson 7900 matte black (1.65) or the latest Epson P-800 matte black (1.75). Ultra HD is the darkest matte black ink commercially available!

When measuring photo blacks, density values are (often) arbitrarily calculated from the more scientifically standard “Luminance” values given by all of the various machines that measure reflected light. Luminance is the percentage of light reflected from a print. The conversion from Luminance to Density when it nears 3.0 is not exactly standard from one company to another, so each time a printer/ink company claims a certain density milestone (say Epson’s claim of 2.84 on Ultra Premium Glossy paper), it’s important to do the actual testing based on the more truthful Luminance standard. This way apples are not compared to oranges. We happen to have a brand-new Epson SureColor P800 in our R&D lab and we decided to test our new Piezography Pro ink against Epson inks using an older 3880 printer filled with Piezography Pro inks.


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