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We have heard from many artists that they spend most of their days alone in their studios creating art.  We have also heard that many artists are introverts and gain energy from their solitude.  However, humans are social animals and we need each other.  Sometimes we may be a little creatively stuck and find ourselves procrastinating and struggling to make art.  Sometimes we just need to bounce ideas off somebody else.  It’s during these times that getting involved in an art collaboration is a great way to get you going again.Benefits of Collaborations“Shanti in Flight” – photographic collaboration by Gail Stent and Judy StokesCollaborations lead to exceptional art projects. While art is usually an extremely personal process, some amazing works are created when two or more creative talents came together to contribute their skills and create something unprecedented.

Here are some benefits of collaborating:Motivation:There is nothing quite so motivating as a deadline… except perhaps other people depending on you. If you do an art collaboration you have both of these. A great incentive to get you going again.

Sharing Responsibility:When collaborating in art, the responsibility for the whole project is shared. That means that your task is already reduced from a whole art piece to just part of an art piece.  And if you are exhibiting, the organising and admin is shared.Community:Art making can be a bit of a lonely endeavour even if that’s what you love about it and that’s what drives you. Even as part of a collaboration this is still true for most of the activity.But there is also something rather wonderful about contributing to something a bit bigger, being part of a little community, even if that is just one other artist.  To be able to share ideas, create new ideas, brainstorm, and get honest feedback.

Inspiration:Sometimes we get a bit stuck with ideas. In a collaboration you can share this and brainstorm new ideas. Make those exhausting decisions with somebody else, it makes it easier and more fun.

For example:  What subject should you draw/ paint/ photograph…..  Which medium is best…..  What size should the piece be?In a collaborative art project you can share these choices. Working with fellow collaborators offers additional prompts and inspiration. It gives you the challenge of making your art fit with what is already there. Little suggestions are offered by what has already been added by others, making ideas seem to flow a bit easier.To sum up – art collaborations are a huge amount fun and bring many benefits.It is scary to work with others, but once you get started the benefits far outweigh this fear.An easy way to start is at Print Art’s Creative Jam where you can meet up with other artists, make contacts and even have some fun collaborating on the night.Register here for our next Creative JamCreative JamThis week’s Creative Jam is going to be a bit different!  We have a lump of clay and some tools and will be creating a 3D piece of artwork.  If you haven’t worked with clay before, come along and have some fun.  Remember, we will be auctioning the work off for charity!

If you’re not too keen on the clay bit, come along anyway.  It’s all about socialising, creating contacts and meeting like minded people.
Join us for a fun social evening.
 Thursday 12 August
Print Art
1 Parkhead Place
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