Looking Back On July

Work by Agate Rubene Art in the Park and Creative Jam What a fantastic month we’ve had.  Both Auckland’s “Art in the Park” and Print Art’s “Creative Jam” were huge successes.  Both events, one big and one small, were first time events and are sure to continue well into the future. Well done to all the […]

Get involved in art collaborations!

We have heard from many artists that they spend most of their days alone in their studios creating art.  We have also heard that many artists are introverts and gain energy from their solitude.  However, humans are social animals and we need each other.  Sometimes we may be a little creatively stuck and find ourselves procrastinating […]

Level 4 and Print Art is empty!

We are missing all those busy times and smiling artists and photographers popping in with their work. Working from home is not such fun!  And John has admitted that he is going crazy with all the screen time – he’s been working on the website and catching up on admin… aagh! Online OrderingJust a reminder that […]

Autumn & Winter… favourite seasons!

It’s that time of the year again when photographers and artists get out to capture the colours of autumn and face the cold weather to capture the starkness of winter.  Here are a few ideas of what to photograph during these favourite seasons…  Colours of Autumn Many photographers have headed to South Island to capture […]

Whanganui River Boat Captain

“We met Don on a Whanganui river cruise, he was the skipper of the Waimarie . I loved his almost smile and obvious pleasure in taking travellers up and down the river. I wanted to keep it very dark with highlights on Dons hands and face . Because it was so dark it has a […]

‘Uncovering the Past’ by Merrilyn Jaquiery oil on canvas

In memory of Tãrore   In 2015 I was inspired to paint this true story, and it was approximately two years later when I received a small booklet in my mailbox. The free booklet was called “Hope for all” and within its pages was the very same story that I’d begun to paint two years […]

Paper Choices?

We often have artists and photographers discussing paper choices and what papers are available to use for fine art giclée printing. When working with paper, one needs to consider quality, the coating on the paper and the construction of the paper.

Photo Papers

Choosing a photo paper rather than fine art paper, will give you bolder and more vibrant colours in your image. Which paper you use will give you different results and how you want your image to look will depend on the type of printer, type of ink and of course the type of photo paper. 

Nostalgia – Return To Black & White Days

In the last decade, or even longer, film photography has been making a come back. More and more people are acquiring or digging out their old capture machines to use in our modern, advanced world and although film stocks continue to be discontinued, others are being re-released,  so it certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Pricing Your Art

There is no rule on how to price your artwork.  But here are a few different tips to help you make those decisions.

Print Editions

Many years ago, printmaking developed so that artists could make more money from their work by selling multiple copies. It reduced costs and lowered market price compared to a single or unique image. Original art prints were limited as the plate or block got destroyed in the process of printing them and that is why lower numbers are often more valuable. In printmaking, an edition is a number of prints struck from one plate, usually at the same time.

Artweek Auckland

Artweek Auckland is an annual, week-long festival celebrating the visual arts of Auckland.  Throughout the week activations will be taking place all over Auckland, newcomers and experts alike can immerse themselves in Auckland’s diverse and vibrant contemporary art scene. Venues include galleries, public, private spaces, pop ups and street art.

Saving Art

Devastating news last week with the Notre Dame on fire in Paris.  Notre Dame Cathedral is a 850-year-old gothic masterpiece that had been undergoing €6 million restoration work.  The entire wooden interior of the 12th-century landmark was burning and was likely to be destroyed.

Stuart Shepherd Artist

Artist Stuart Shepherd grew up in the Waikato, studied social science at the University of Waikato, worked in the film industry in New York, completed his masters degree in installation art in Melbourne and lectured in art and design at Massey University in Wellington.

Featured on Artists

In this post we thought of featuring two of our customers who have used their art to support communities. Gordon Pembridge, oil painter, wood carver, photographer, etc, as well as Tyler Kennedy Stent, water colour artist and one of our first customers.

Mixed Media and Photography

Mixed media art is artwork in which more than one medium or material has been used to create the piece of art.  This is different from multimedia art which combines visual art with non-visual elements such as sound, drama, dance, music, motion graphics, etc.

Black & White Photography Tips

The monochromatic image was the way photography started, but has now turned into something of an art form.

Packaging, Shipping, Flattening and more…

If you’re having your artwork reproduced in order to sell prints, then it’s critical that you package it well to prevent any damage to the prints.

Paint My Place

Summer is almost upon us and it’s got me thinking… Road trips, beach days and bush walks. As an artist, one of the things I value most is the connection we have to nature and the way the landscape shapes our identity. I’m dedicating the month of November to creating little portals that capture the […]

Photographing Your Artwork

Photographing Your Artwork You finally get THAT call. The call you’ve been waiting for. The call that’s going to change your life, make you rich, make you famous. It’s the owner of the gallery down the road and she wants to see YOUR artwork. Portfolio tucked under your arm, you race down the road and […]

The Business of Art

During my recent visit to Sydney I popped into one of my fave hangouts, the Art Gallery of NSW and headed straight down to the photographic exhibitions (why do galleries always bury photography exhibits in the basement?). I was surprised to find a number of pieces by Andreas Gursky, who’s name didn’t mean much to […]

The 2016 North Shore National Salon of Photography

When I first heard talk of the North Shore Salon, it was mentioned in revered voices and hushed tones. Colloquially referred to as “the salon”, this photographic competition has the reputation of being judged at a very high level and most photographers I have spoken to have felt very honoured to have even received an […]

Artist Profile – Kristin Ivill

Joining The Dots I first met Kristin when she breezed into my studio clutching a portfolio folder full of artworks she wanted to get copied and printed. While pouring over her work, it took me some time to realise that the exquisite images were made of thousands of dots, dots of all shapes, dots of […]

Expose Yourself

 I’m not sure about you but I always feel a bit self-conscious when exposing myself to other people, especially in public. What I have found over many years though, is that it pays to ensure you are presenting yourself in the best possible light. OK, so maybe you think I’m a bit of a pervert… […]

Confessions of a Couch Photographer: 10 ways to get your Phojo working

As I staggered to the summit of North Ridge on my daily dog walk (OK, it was a hill that felt really steep) dragging two puffing bullmastiffs behind me, I fixated on the stunning cumulus clouds billowing upward into the heavens above the Auckland skyline to the South, the late afternoon light describing the subtle […]

Preparing Your Honours Portfolio Display

I have had the pleasure over many years of printing exhibition images for photographers and none more challenging than an honours portfolio. Needless to say there is always a huge emotional investment when showing your work and especially if it’s to be scrutinised at close quarters by a judging committee. Here are a few steps […]

Preparing Your (Landscape) Images for Giclee Printing

By John Botton APSNZ Most photographers I print for often ask for tips on how best to prepare their images for print. In reality, good prints start before you even hit the shutter button. Unlike the simplicity of good old film workflow, digital photography comprises a myriad interdependent systems and settings to achieve the desired […]

Making Inkjet Prints Work For You

As a fine art photographer I have never had any problems with creating content, it’s what I love doing, but the challenge arises when it comes time to decide what to do with many of my images. I don’t know about you, but I have a catalogue full of photographs that just don’t make the […]

Why Giclée Print?

You push your chair back from your workstation and admire your handiwork. “Another masterpiece and in record time” you declare loudly to Phatt the ginger cat who’s perched on the sunny windowsill, barely taking any notice of your apparent excitement. The gazillion dots that make up the intricate pointillist pixilation stare back at you. Just […]

Auckland Festival of Photography

While I was visiting Tauranga for the annual convention for Photographic Society of New Zealand in May I received consecutive calls from two of Auckland’s pre-eminent photographic organisations asking me if I was able to print their clubs exhibit for the upcoming Auckland Festival of Photography. What an honour. Absolutely I replied. On my return […]

There’s More To Colour Than Meets The Eye

So, after agonising over your laden pallet for hours and carefully crafting the exact colours you envisioned, you’ve finally put the finishing touches to your next masterpiece. Then, remembering that Aunt Agatha had requested a copy of the piece, you whip out your iPhone 5s and snap a few shots. But when you pick up […]

Joining the Dots

I’ve been involved in printing for a long time so the concept of creating an image from dots is not new to me… but when those dots are created individually by hand, one at a time… that’s a whole new ballgame.  I recently had the enormous pleasure of working with Kristin Ivill who is an […]

Sand Markings with Megan Murphy

I recently had the pleasure of working with Megan Murphy, an Auckland based artist who has spent the past few years gathering photographs of beach goers sand doodles and then painstakingly reproducing them as pencil drawings. Megan has managed to capture the essence of the creators work in fine detail and has even been able […]

John Botton PSNZ Honours Submision

After working with Michael Boyd-Clark on his awesome PSNZ submission for Fellowship, I decided to put together my own submission for Associateship. I only had two days to make my selection, prepare, print and mount the images before the portfolio was due in Nelson. I assembled 30 images that I felt would make the high […]

New “Artist” kid on the block

Last week I received an email from Donna Johnstone, a Silverdale based artist whoo needed some artworks reproduced. Unfortunately the attached images of the paintings she sent were not going to reproduce well so I asked her to drop off the originals at the studio. When Donna arrived with the artworks, we got chatting about her […]

Artwork Reproduction Studio

We have recently completed the setup of our new continuous lighting artwork reproduction studio with the addition of 2 540w soft boxes which are daylight balanced at 5500K. The setup includes a tripod mounted Canon 5D mkIII for photographing the artwork. All good to go.

Michael Boyd-Clark PSNZ Honors portfolio

I received a call on Saturday 21st Feb from a fellow North Shore Photographic Society member, Michael Boyd-Clark about printing his PSNZ honours submission for fellowship. As entries closed on 28th Feb and had to arrive in Nelson before the close, time was a bit tight. I printed a set of A5 images on the Saturday for Michael […]

Are you a paper snob?

In this modern digital age of fine art geclée inkjet printing, there is a lot of hype around paper. This is a much-debated subject that probably goes back to ancient Egypt and the production of the first papyrus writing materials. Need I say more 😉 But it’s a discussion that’s been around a long time […]