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Looking Back On July

Work by Agate Rubene Art in the Park and Creative Jam What a fantastic month we’ve had.  Both Auckland’s “Art in the Park” and Print Art’s “Creative Jam” were huge successes.  Both events, one big and one small, were first time events and are sure to continue well into the future. Well done to all the […]

Get involved in art collaborations!

We have heard from many artists that they spend most of their days alone in their studios creating art.  We have also heard that many artists are introverts and gain energy from their solitude.  However, humans are social animals and we need each other.  Sometimes we may be a little creatively stuck and find ourselves procrastinating […]

Level 4 and Print Art is empty!

We are missing all those busy times and smiling artists and photographers popping in with their work. Working from home is not such fun!  And John has admitted that he is going crazy with all the screen time – he’s been working on the website and catching up on admin… aagh! Online OrderingJust a reminder that […]

Autumn & Winter… favourite seasons!

It’s that time of the year again when photographers and artists get out to capture the colours of autumn and face the cold weather to capture the starkness of winter.  Here are a few ideas of what to photograph during these favourite seasons…  Colours of Autumn Many photographers have headed to South Island to capture […]

Whanganui River Boat Captain

“We met Don on a Whanganui river cruise, he was the skipper of the Waimarie . I loved his almost smile and obvious pleasure in taking travellers up and down the river. I wanted to keep it very dark with highlights on Dons hands and face . Because it was so dark it has a […]

Paper Choices?

We often have artists and photographers discussing paper choices and what papers are available to use for fine art giclée printing. When working with paper, one needs to consider quality, the coating on the paper and the construction of the paper.

Photo Papers

Choosing a photo paper rather than fine art paper, will give you bolder and more vibrant colours in your image. Which paper you use will give you different results and how you want your image to look will depend on the type of printer, type of ink and of course the type of photo paper.