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Print Art History

Print Art is owned and operated by John Botton FPSNZ, a fine art photographer and digital giclée inkjet printer, who holds a Fellowship from the Photographic Society of New Zealand.
John has a long history of digital printing, when in 1994 he started Print Works, a digital print bureau Over time, John has seen the digital print world evolve to what it is today. Some 30 years later, we continue to marvel at the technical advances in Ink Jet printing and fine paper products.
Around about 1 April 2015, John decided to launch Print Art in his big double garage at home.  He set up a huge printer, a table for cutting and matting, and placed his camera on a tripod ready to start digitising artwork.  He swapped a tripod for a dying 27inch iMac – promptly restored the iMac and began his business of printing photographs and artwork.

After 2 years of working from his garage with his two big bullmastiff dogs, welcoming artists and photographers to his “studio”, he eventually outgrew his premises.  In that time he had accumulated additional printers to cope with the amount of printing he had to do, and also accumulated a client base of artists and photographers who appreciated his perfection in printing as well as fantastic customer service.

John then found his studio in Rosedale – where he is today.  The studio allowed him to have a dedicated back room for cutting, matting and framing, as well as another back room purely for digitising artwork.  He has kept his printers in the front part of the studio with space to keep on adding more printers.  How many does he have now???

As for the old iMac that he restored….  I do believe it’s still running???

John Doe

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