Michael Boyd-Clark PSNZ Honors portfolio

I received a call on Saturday 21st Feb from a fellow North Shore Photographic Society member, Michael Boyd-Clark about printing his PSNZ honours submission for fellowship. As entries closed on 28th Feb and had to arrive in Nelson before the close, time was a bit tight. I printed a set of A5 images on the Saturday for Michael to use to fine tune his layout.

On Monday morning, Michael arrived at the studio early to get started on the final printing of the 18 images. He selected Vibrance Photo Matte paper to match the colour and detail and the printing started. Every image had to be meticulously prepared and soft proofed  before being sent to the printer. Each print were inspected by Michael and given the nod of approval. A couple didn’t quite make the grade and some additional editing was needed before being re-printed

Once all the prints were completed, each was mounted an matted ready for presentation. The matting process completed by the end of Monday and Michael managed to get his portfolio safely off the the PSNZ office in Nelson by Wednesday afternoon. Good luck Michael.