Sand Markings with Megan Murphy

Sand MarksI recently had the pleasure of working with Megan Murphy, an Auckland based artist who has spent the past few years gathering photographs of beach goers sand doodles and then painstakingly reproducing them as pencil drawings. Megan has managed to capture the essence of the creators work in fine detail and has even been able to identify a serial sand doodler by the style of their creations.

The drawings were scanned using our Epson V700 scanner and then processed and printed on the Epson Sand MarksStylus 7900 using Breathing Color’s Optica One archival cotton based paper. Megan chose this paper for it’s luxurious feel and also because she wanted a smooth bright substrate to capture the fine detail of the pencil drawings. The first proof had a distinctive greenish ting that definitely did not match the graphite of the original. After some manipulation, I managed to get some decent prints, including a duo tone done with graphite and blue pencil. After doing some more test, I later discovered that the green tinge was due to the preservative spray on the drawings.


Megan runs MEGANZ School of Visual Arts based in the tranquil suburb of Howick in Auckland which is suitable for all ages. Can’t wait to see the next batch of Megan’s beach goers doodle sketches.

All drawings are © Megan Murphy and may not be reproduced without permission.