Artist Stuart Shepherd grew up in the Waikato, studied social science at the University of Waikato, worked in the film industry in New York, completed his masters degree in installation art in Melbourne and lectured in art and design at Massey University in Wellington. He also took art work from New Zealand and Australia to the New York Outsider Art fair in 2009, and in 2014 and 2016 he curated New Zealand’s first Outsider Art fairs in Auckland.

While in New York, Stuart took up photography working with film. Today he is looking back at his negatives, choosing the best and we at Print Art are digitising and printing for him. His negatives were carefully preserved and as a result the prints have come out beautifully.

Scanning Services:

Print Art offers a scanning service of reflective art up to A3 in size. We are also able to scan both negative and positive film in standard sizes on our Epson Perfection V700 scanner.

The Epson Perfection V700 incorporates new and refined technologies that work in tandem to provide a fast, total scanning solution. At resolutions of 4800 dpi, this scanner has the ability to capture incredible detail while maintaining subtle colour graduations.

If, like me, you have shoe boxes full of old 35mm colour negs and packets of postcard prints that never get seen, digitizing them is the perfect answer, as long as you’re not expecting Pulitzer Prize award winning prints from them, these scans are great for sharing with your family and on social media and making photo books for prosperity.

B&W Piezography Printing

Released in 2016, Piezography Pro is a unique K6 ink system that makes the highest-quality fine-art monochrome prints in the world. With the industry’s best dMax, highest resolving fidelity, visually balanced toning options, and most uniform gloss, Piezography Pro has it all. The ink is micro-encapsulated and gloss compatible. The carbon particles in Piezography ink reflect and diffract light in very unique ways. Prints made with Piezography ink have a special tonal “depth” that is hard to explain verbally but when people see a print, they get it. Piezography ink also makes possible the finest digital negative process in the world: PiezoDN. Piezography is printed with the legendary QuadtoneRIP software by Roy Harrington.