In this post we thought of featuring two of our customers who have used their art to support communities. Gordon Pembridge, oil painter, wood carver, photographer, etc, as well as Tyler Kennedy Stent, water colour artist and one of our first customers.

We would like to feature more of our customers, so please do let us know if you would like your work featured in our posts.


Gordon Pembridge

Gordon Pembridge was born in Kenya and spent his first ten years there. He then completed his education at boarding school in Wanganui, New Zealand, also attending art school and various courses in design and chose the photographic trade as a career. Gordon now works for himself and is involved in graphic design, 3D design, fine art, illustration, photography, digital imaging, and woodturning.

We are privileged to have Gordon as a client and are totally blown away by his artwork. We have recently digitized an oil painting of 5 young rhinos, orphans of poached rhinos in South Africa. The orphans are part of the Rhino Revolution rhino orphanage. Gordon is planning a limited edition print run of the painting whereby part of the funds from the sale of the prints will go to Rhino Revolution.

Gordon has also just been made an associate member of the Society of Animal Artists (SAA), based in Townsend, Tennessee. The SAA was founded in 1960 and is devoted to promoting excellence in the artistic portrayal of the creatures sharing our planet, as well as educating the public through art exhibitions, seminars and teaching.


Tyler Kennedy Stent

Tyler Kennedy Stent was one of Print Art’s first customers. Now a 21yr old emerging artist who was raised in Auckland and is now based in Dunedin. Many of his portraits are of people from India or Nepal – painted from photographs that he and his friend captured whilst travelling in those regions. The paintings capture members of a Nepalese family caught up in the 2015 earthquakes. Many of Tyler’s works have become a part of an effort to help this family. Proceeds from his works went to an account to fund education for the children he portrays.

Tyler has recently spent 4 months in Nepal, finally meeting these children and has also linked up with a volunteer organisation, “Conscious Impact“, where he was working and helping the Nepalese people to re-establish housing and their lives, as well as donating funds. Currently Tyler is in Barcelona, working towards his first solo exhibition to be held in London in May this year.
To see more of Tyler’s work:  #tylerkennedystent.


Matt Griffin’s Artwork

Matthew Griffin, 21, has graduated with a Bachelor of Structural Engineering in 2017 and now pursues a full-time career as an Artist. He specializes with charcoal and graphite on archival paper, Centering his ideas around people and delivering to the viewer through expression and composition… read more