Digital Artwork Reproduction

Getting your valuable artwork professionally digitised is the first step in successfully selling giclée prints.

Selling Prints

An artist who sells their own original work now no longer has that piece of art – it’s gone to the new owner!  Here at Print Art, we make it possible for artists to reproduce their artwork, either to keep a copy of it for themselves, or to reproduce gallery-quality giclée prints to sell to the ever-growing art market.

Selection Of Media

We are often able to reproduce your art on the same media as the original artwork.  This means that you have opened up further possibilities for gaining more revenue from your original work by selling prints of the original. 

Print On Demand

Once we have digitised your work, we keep archived copies of your image file for you to call for a reprint at any time.  This enables you to avoid the higher cost of reproduction again and again.  We are able to print for you on demand as the print orders are received… and you also have the option to print your work on different paper types and at different sizes.

Colour Calibrated Workflow

Good colour management in the form of ICC (international colour consortium) profiles of the scanner, computer screen and printer ensure that the final print is as close as possible to the original for colour and density.

Getting Started

The first step is to digitise your original painting or artwork.  To do this we make use of a large format Sinar P2 studio camera with a 350 megapixel Betterlight scan back to create a true RGB 48bit high fidelity digital image. This means that the camera is scanning the image as opposed to taking a photograph.

Attention To Detail

With an eye for detail and colour, we will work with you, the artist, to ensure that your beautiful images are reproduced to your standards. Once we have created the correct set-up for an image, this is locked in and stored in our archive for future print runs.

Handling Your Artwork

Our purpose built copy wall is able to safely support large artworks up to 2m x 2m. All artwork is securely stored in a custom built rack. The reproduction process then follows our meticulous digital workflow with the artists final approval giving us the go-ahead to print. The final step in the process is selecting the right paper so that the artist can achieve their artistic vision in the artwork reproductions. This combination is then married using custom ICC profiles and our giclée inkjet printers.

Artwork Digitisation Costs

The cost of digitising your artwork includes a basic colour correction and an A4 proof print on Enhanced Matte paper.

$ 35 $ 45 $ 65 $ 95 $ 135

Please contact us for prices larger than A0.

Prices are excl. GST

There may be an additional cost for colour correction and image manipulation.

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