Fine Art Printing Paper Range

All our printing is done on wide gamut giclée printers using archival pigment inks ensuring the longevity of the print.  Giclee fine art printing offers one of the highest degrees of accuracy and richness of colour available in any of the reproduction techniques.

Artwork by Martin Law

Group A Papers

Lucky Five
© Gordon Pembridge

Hahnemühle German Etching
310gsm Textured Matte

A natural white, 100% cotton paper – guarantees archival standards. The etching paper features a distinct textured surface. With its premium matt inkjet coating Museum Etching meets the highest industry standards regarding density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness while preserving the special touch and feel of genuine art paper. For the real connoisseur.

Oceanic Harmony
© Sarah Molloy

Hahnemühle Photo Rag
308gsm Etching Finish

Photo Rag® – a white, 100% cotton paper with a smooth surface texture – guarantees archival standards. With its premium matte inkjet coating Photo Rag® meets the highest industry standards regarding density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness while preserving the special touch and feel of genuine art paper. Compatible with pigmented and dye inkjet systems.

Puna Tiger
© Yvonne Chapman

Fine Art Watercolour Cotton ag

330gsm Textured Matte

Fine Art Watercolour Cotton Rag has a rough textured ‘cold press’ watercolour feel and acid free cotton base making this fine art paper is perfect for reproducing beautiful prints of your artwork. With an exceptional d-max and excellent colour gamut, you can rest assured that the matte surface of this paper is capable of reproducing even the subtlest tonal transitions in your work.

Diwali Celebration
© John Botton

Ilford Gold Fibre Gloss

310gsm Baryta Finish

GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Gloss is a traditional fiber-base photo paper with a baryta finish that is suitable for colour as well as black & white printing and features a wide colour gamut that enables precise colour reproduction. The absence of optical whiteners helps provide smooth transitions between shadows and highlights

Group B Papers

Lady Huia with Kahikatea
© Kristin Ivil

Fine Art Smooth Cotton Rag 330gsm Matte

This premium media has been designed for museum quality photographic and fine art work. It is manufactured from 100% cotton that is acid, lignin and chlorine free with ph buffering for superb durability and print stability. It has a natural white surface that delivers a high D-Max and a wide colour gamut which is particularly suited to high-intensity colour photography.

Peonies Pink&Yellow
© Marina De Wit

Fine Art Etching Cotton Rag(New)

330gsm Matte

Fine Art Etching Cotton Rag truly offers the look and feel of classic fine art paper. This acid-free base stock 100% cotton rag features that unique printmaking etching surface providing a movement and aesthetic to your artwork expected with traditional techniques. The perfect choice for highlighting tones and shade to bring your artwork alive.

Contemplation Of Giants
© Gordon Pembridge

Fine Art Canvas

360gsm Matte Premium Cotton Canvas

This 360 gsm natural white, 100% cotton canvas for water based inks with a natural white finish, is OBA and 100% acid free, with a neutral pH coating. This canvas is ideal for fine art photography, and demanding art giclée productions.

Auckland City in Pastel
© Michelle Durant

Photo Metallic

255gsm Photo Gloss

Premium Metallic PhotoGloss Paper  offers a unique metallic pearlescent image after printing. The paper itself is resin-coated and has a microporous glossy coating with mica pigments that help produce the metallic look, reminiscent of traditional silver halide prints. When compared to a standard photo gloss or luster paper, metallic prints are far more appealing to customers buying art.

© Marina De Wit

jetPRO Phototex

jetPro Phototex is a patented, adhesive fabric that can be easily placed anywhere, then removed and reused as required. Phototex advanced adhesive formula will not leave a sticky residue when removed, and won’t rip or wrinkle. Wind tested at 800kph.

jetPRO Phototex can be backlight, wrapped around wall corners, mount to ceilings and poles, re-positioned and re-used over and over again, the adhesive never weakens.

Group C Papers

Humming Bird
© Janine badger

Soft White Etching Decor

275gsm Textured Matte

A popular choice for photographers and artists producing fine art prints, high white with a surface texture that replicates a traditional etching paper. The slightly textured surface of this paper replicates a traditional etching paper. Coated with the latest pigment and dye inkjet receptive technology, the cotton content in the base gives a high quality feel whilst providing flexibility. With an excellent colour gamut and exceptional d-max, this paper is the ideal for reproducing a wide range of tones. This paper is also acid and lignin free; making it the perfect option for photography and creating archival quality digital reproductions of your art.

Boat Race
© John Botton

Ilford Smooth Pearl

310gsm Photo Luster

Fine Art Smooth Pearl from Ilford provides excellent sharpness on a smooth pearl surface. The acid-free paper has a bright white tint and offers a cellulose alternative for eye-catching contrast and sharpness. Additionally, the paper has a large color gamut and is well suited for both color and black and white printing.

© Marina De Wit

Photo Gloss

240gsm Photo Gloss

Photo Gloss is a heavyweight glossy photo paper, developed for the discerning photographer who demands maximum colour gamut, dmax, and image resolution. Using a cockle-free RC base that gives the product a true photographic feel, Vibrance Gloss allows for maximum ink coverage and produces stunningly vivid images. It has an instant-dry surface which allows for easy handling during production and finishing.

Flora Owl
© Deb Hinde

Outdoor Banner

480gsm Matte Vinyl

Water Resistant Matte Banner Vinyl  is a tear-resistant material with a whiteness value of 85% designed for outdoor use. This 13.8mm-thick sheet is made of a layer of polyester fibre sandwiched between two layers of vinyl, providing a thickness and strength level appropriate for outdoor prints, is also resistant to fading and peeling, lengthening its usability period.

Mustang P51
© Michael White

Water Resistant Matte

115gsm Matte Polypropylene

Water Resistant Matte Polypropylene is resistant to peeling, fading, and water, this synthetic-based 115 gsm media is useful for advertising, construction signage, retail graphics, and more with an expected lifetime of up to 6 months when outdoors. It is 6.3 mil thick and offers a rated opacity and whiteness of 90%.

© Marina De Wit

Backlit Media

270gsm Matte Film

This front print backlit film is water resistant and the matte surface reduces the impact of fingerprints for easy handling from printing to installation. The ink jet receptive coating produces super wide gamut for brilliant colours and sharp details. The water resistance and durability make it a great choice for longer-lasting indoor backlit artwork displays and short-term outdoor displays.

Group D Papers

Cape Point Lighthouse
© John Botton

Decor Art Etching

220gsm Matte

The smooth velvet finish and natural white tone of this paper make it ideal if you are producing open edition prints of your artwork for the decor market. It is a lightweight alpha cellulose acid free paper ideal for poster reproduction and market art prints.  The paper has a smooth surface which allows even the finest details in your artwork to be preserved and ensures superb print quality and is an inexpensive paper ideal for quality reproductions of your art.

Te Hapuku
© Gottfried Lindauer

Enhanced Matte

230gsm Smooth Matte

The bright white matte finish of this paper gives an excellent surface to display your art prints. A smooth finish means there is no surface texture to distract from the details of your print. The matte coating makes this paper a good option for reflection free displays.

Cape Point Lighthouse
© John Botton

Decor Satin

260gsm Photo Luster

This ultra white resin coated inkjet photo paper provides excellent image quality, on its smooth satin surface. Its microporous coating is touch dry when printed and water resistant. It is ideal for a more subtle finish but still gives the same saturated colours and great tonal range as our smooth pearl photo paper.

Fine Art Paper Samples

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