FAQ – Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity

To help you market your limited edition giclée print, we can provide you with our own certificate of authenticity. The certificates are printed on paper and left blank to be signed but the artist.
A Certificate of Authenticity is not only a great marketing tool but also a useful benefit for your purchaser. They carry our logo as the print maker and your buyer will have confidence that their print was made with care and dedication by skilled technicians using the highest quality materials, whose archival properties comply with museum quality standards.

The certificate contains:
Information on the artist, the title of the work and the media used and the artist’s signature.
For limited editions the certificate contains the number and date of release of the edition. If you are printing a limited edition of your work then we advise signing and dating each print.

Customise Your Certificate of Authenticity
If you are batch printing and wish to customise the Certificates of Authenticity, we are able to pre-print the details on your certificates and all you need to add is the title and your signature.
When ordering your prints please add whether you would like Certificates of Authenticity as well.

Drop shipping:
When using our Drop Shipping service, you will not be able to sign your certificates so you will need to pre-sign them.

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