Calibration Print & Screen Check

Calibration Print & Screen Check

Quite often the image that you have printed doesn’t quite match what you see on your home computer screen. If you want to reproduce your work with good colour accuracy, then you may require some form of screen calibration

A quick check with the calibration image on the left will give you some idea of whether the screen you use is fairly well calibrated or not.

Calibration Print

When you order our sample pack of papers, we have this Calibration Image printed on each paper in the pack. You will be able to compare each paper directly with the calibration image on the screen. You will see soon enough if there are any issues that might affect how your screen is displaying correct tones and colours.

How To Use the Calibration Print:

  1. Open the Calibration Image on our website, or right click it and save it to your Downloads folder: Colour Calibration Print File
  2. Compare it to the Calibration Print you received in your Fine Art Paper sample pack.
  3. When looking at your Calibration Print try to view it in as natural a light as possible. Sunlight, even on a cloudy day provides the best and most accurate viewing circumstance.
  4. You should also be able to identify all the blocks in the checkerboard of colour and greyscale (middle section near the bottom of the Calibration image). Especially the division between the two darkest colours at the black end of the spectrum.

If you are happy with the result from your screen then you can be reasonably assured that what you see on your screen will be close to what you have printed at Print Art.

Is your monitor too dark or too light?

  1. Do a quick screen check: Look at the bottom row of the Calibration image above.
  2. In the black section, you should be able to make out a square on the black background at about number 6.
  3. In the white section you should be able to identify a square on the white background at about number 253.

Colour Calibrations:

If you need a high degree of colour accuracy from your screen, then you can use a device such a SpyderX, X-Rite i1, etc, to automatically calibrate your monitor.

Your screen can actually show you a much larger range of colours than any print can achieve. Certain bright reds and darker blues may print our less saturated than they appear on your screen. This is because some colours may be out of the CMYK range for printing.

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