FAQ – Limited Edition Prints

What Are Limited Edition Prints?

What Are Limited Edition Prints?

Limited edition prints are prints of the original reproduced in limited numbers. This is is intended to make the picture more valuable and exclusive. The price of the work will increase if demand for the print is higher than the supply.

The number of editions varies, but this is a marketing decision and has nothing to do with constraints of the printing process. Editions often include a number of artists proofs.

What is the difference between Open or Limited Edition Printing?

Open Editions Prints can be reproduced as many times as you wish. The artist/photographer may also print on other media and use the work in other ways, such as a greeting card. Open editions sell for less than limited editions and probably won’t increase in value.

Limited Edition Prints are prints produced in limited numbers, which makes the image more valuable and even the prints will have a higher price than open editions. The number of prints may vary – from as few as 5 reproductions and up to 500. After this the artist is committed to make no other reproduction of that work.

The number in the edition is usually written by hand in pencil underneath the picture e.g.: 2/5 or 2 of 5. Limited editions are usually signed by the artist, which can help increase their value.

You don’t have to print every edition in one go. The number of prints in an edition is a promise that you won’t ever produce more than that amount in the future. You only need to print what you sell.

At Print Art, we will keep your original digital file and you can order prints on demand as you sell.

Frequently asked questions about limited edition printing:

Question: If I decide to sell limited edition prints, can I change the quantity of the prints later, or change the media or size of the prints in the run?

Answer: You need to make your intentions clear at the beginning. Your marketing material and certificate of authenticity should clearly state the number of prints in the edition, their size(s) and the media(s) to be printed on.

For example, it would be OK to state a limited edition of 50 prints with 25 prints at 20ins x 16ins on Baryta and a further 25 prints at A2 on Photo Rag so long as this was made clear at the outset.
However, it would not be ethical and could also damage your reputation if you extended your limited edition once all the prints had been sold.

It would also not be ethical to use the same artwork on cards or any other media, once your artwork has been published as a limited edition, it should not appear on further prints or in any other form.

To help you market your limited edition Giclée print, we can provide you with our own certificate of authenticity. The certificates are left blank to be signed but the artist.

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