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Digital Artwork Reproduction and Giclée Printing

Reproducing any artwork that truly reflects the original is in itself a ‘work of art’, so to speak. Here at Print Art, we make that possible for artists wanting reproductions of their artwork to sell into the ever-growing art market, or for the budding amateur artist, or the interior designers of this world. For small artwork reproduction we use a combination of Epson scanners which is tried and tested at Print Art, offering a near perfect reproduction time and time again. For larger images, we make use of a Canon 5D MKIII DSLR camera fitted with Zeiss lens technology and our daylight balanced lighting setup to photograph the artwork. The reproduction process then follows our meticulous digital workflow with the artists final approval giving us the go-ahead to print. The final step in the process is selecting the right paper so that he artist can achieve their artistic vision in the artwork reproductions. This combination is then married using custom ICC profiles and our giclée  inkjet printers.


With an eye for detail and colour, we will work with you, the artist, to ensure that your beautiful images are reproduced to your standards.

Once we have created the correct set-up for an image, this is locked in and stored in our archive for future print runs. We are also able to stitch larger images together from a number of scans. Stitching can be tricky for some images, so if you’re not sure, give us a call to discuss. It is possible to create a good reproduction from a digital photograph of the artwork, as long as this is done correctly.


Once your image is safely in our archives and you have chosen your preferred print substrate, we can reproduce it at different sizes and configurations to suit a number of applications like – framed works and more.

John Botton - Polly Bag and Backing

Print Packaging

We offer protective packaging in high quality cellophane sleeves with backing card.


It’s not just for big people

kids-artworkHow many times have you asked yourself this question….’oh how I wish I had more than one of those, then I could give each family member one’.  Like many modern Kiwi families, our grand children live some distance away in another country, so we only get to spend precious time with them a few times a year. Thanks to modern technology, we are able to chat to them often on Skype. Another great way of using technology is scanning and printing their precious artworks as they grow up. This way, you can keep a digital library of all the amazing works of art they produce and also print it out and send it off to family members all round the world. No more fighting over which grandparents get what piece of art.

Problem solved.







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