Packaging Artwork

If you’re having your artwork reproduced in order to sell prints, then it’s critical that you package it well to prevent any damage to the prints.  Print Art provides protective packaging in high quality crystal clear sleeves with backing card.  We’ve been working hard to source a new supplier and have finally done that!

We have now repriced our packaging with the same quality sleeves, but at a more competitive price:

A5: $ 1
A4: $ 2
A3: $ 3
A2: $ 4

Read more about Artists’ Services from Print Art.

Drop Shipping

Did you know that we provide a complete turnkey solution for artist by offering a packaging and drop shipping solution.   You place your order and we ship directly to the customer.  There are huge advantages in this:

  • This avoids double shipping costs.
  • Faster turnaround for your customers.
  • All protective packaging is in high quality crystal clear sleeves with backing card.
  • If you want your own branding with the packaging, send it to us and we will include it with the packaging.

How to flatten the curl out of paper

Ever been frustrated with the pronounced curl in photo and fine art paper that comes off a roll? When curled around a core, the paper gains a “memory” that persists after a short period of time. To truly de-curl paper, you need to “break” the curl. Here are a couple of ways you can do this:

  1.  Flatten the print under a heavy weight

This is the easiest method and will work on a light curl.  Lay your print on a large flat surface;  place protective paper on top of the print;  cover it with a weight. The weight should be evenly distributed across the print. Leave the weight on for as long as a week for maximum effectiveness.

  1. Reverse wind your print

This is the more recommended option.   Take your print and lay it on a large, flat surface print side up.  Place protective paper on top of the print.   Carefully roll the print up so the image is on the inside. Take care that the rolling up is smooth. Use 3-4 wide rubber bands, placed at even intervals, to secure the print. Leave it rolled for 1 – 2 days, and as a rule of thumb,  the thicker the paper is, the longer you need to leave it.